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Whitney Dineen
PIty Party
She's a bridal shop owner looking for love, he's a grumpy single dad who doesn't want to fall in love again. I should have used my college degree to become a lawyer, politician, or heck, even a Time Lord—hey, it worked for Dr. Who. But no, I had to own a bridal boutique. Turns out that’s a terrible idea for someone with my lousy dating history. Every day, I’m surrounded by the trappings of the perfect wedding, and I’m starting to resent all the smug almost-marrieds. I shouldn’t want to throat punch the brides, right? Then Jamie Riordan moves to Elk Lake with his twelve-year-old daughter. He’s everything I've ever wanted in a guy—tall, gorgeous, successful, and clearly devoted to his kid. Too bad his grumpy highness wants nothing to do with me. I may not be his dream girl, but does he have to be so insulting about letting me know?