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A "darker Seuss" kind of picture book, which was made possible from a successful Kickstarter campaign. Plants & animals become one to explore the dark depths of Earth & imagination. Sometimes cute, sometimes gross (just like my experience raising my kids:) each page is a unique & curious journey filled with strange creatures & humorous poems.
Describing 12 chimeric animal-plant creatures in as many cryptic rhymes (“From speck to sprout to fern feathered fuzz/ it is what it is... is it also what it was?”), graphic artist Stevenson offers a Kickstarter-funded, nightmare-fueling picture book poised to simultaneously delight and baffle readers. Hand-lettered typography wends down through underground passageways into a psychedelic, somewhat grotesque world containing “meteor meat fungus,” a “coral reek,” and a canine with a coat of bark (“Does a hound tree make a sound if there’s no one around?”). Employing a dizzyingly intricate, pop surrealist style, Stevenson creates grim black-and-white illustrations that may appeal more to adults than children. Though each poem tends toward the nonsensical (“The stem veins reach wrap/ Living rocks/ It walks the talk in earthly socks”), cryptozoology enthusiasts may appreciate this imaginative book. Ages 7–10. [Self-published)