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Paul Progen
Plea of the Valueless: Proposing Economic Equality
Paul Progen, author
This content suggests a practical procedure to apply economic equality as a right. Many have fought for the scraps of the influential, misunderstanding the acquisition of materialism to be the only influential value, while their inborn right to an equitable influential value go unrecognized and therefore do not exist. We have proven our social potential to exist as a known positive quantity. If this were not true, civilization would not be occurring. Derived by the positive contribution of our potential, our social existence becomes an economic asset that requires the recognition of our value through a guarantee of economic equality. We must insist upon the construction of a Constitutional amendment providing the citizen's with a balanced application of material influence in government. Creating a material expression to assist our vote will permit the citizen's to mitigate influences presently imposed and permitted by our representation, such influences that are no longer tolerable. It is our responsibility to take part in this opportunity to visualize and create economic equality, strengthening the concept of democracy.