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Keith Mason
Please Stand Up
Keith Mason, author

A man finds his unknown father on a video of a TV quiz show from 1961. Across four years he charts a sociopath's life - his dad's seven marriages, eight "new" siblings, and a murdered grandfather and crusading reporter, all set against oddball chapters of the American parade.

actor/author Phil Proctor

In this extraordinary, shockingly personal, historically mind-expanding true-life adventure, he establishes himself as a major player in the ranks of America's greatest storytellers.

Anne Mitchell

"Please Stand Up contains all of the elements that make a great story (and great storyteller), but this isn't just any story. This is an INCREDIBLE and TRUE memoir. Murder, intrigue, longing, redemption, unsolved mysteries, solved mysteries, it's all there!  ... An *excellent* storyteller... and it's all completely true - and completely compelling. If you are looking for a great, and satisfying, summer read, this is it!

author Ben Yagoda

"A fine writer whose sentences are toothsome and nourishing, turning in unexpected directions."

author Tim Ferris

Clearly and evocatively told

Barnes & Noble, Center City-Philadelphia

The author speaks with customers and signs purchased books at the largest Barnes & Noble store in Philadelphia - situated on Rittenhouse Square, 18th & Walnut Sts.  11am-1pm.

Barnes & Noble, Moorestown NJ 08075

Speaking with customers about Please Stand Up - with its NJ roots - and signing purchased books. The author worked at this bookstore for five years.