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Mekdela Anon
Plus-Size: A Memoir of Pop Culture, Fatphobia, and Social Change
Mekdela, author

Adult; Memoir; (Publish)

“Plus-Size: A Memoir of Pop Culture, Fatphobia, and Social Change” chronicles the rise of the body positive movement and body positivity through pop culture reviews and personal reflections. This essay collection illustrates the insidiousness of fatphobia through analyses of film, television, books, and how they affect our perceptions and treatment of others. Altogether, the essays paint a big picture of fatphobia, misogyny, misogynoir, ableism, and capitalism in American society. Furthermore, this essay collection emphasizes the potential for social change. Featuring media from the 1990s, early 2000s, 2010s, and up until today, this memoir tells a story of America’s uneasy and ever-changing relationship with fat.