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Johan Edfeldt
In Polar, an epic fantasy tale unfolds across a frozen world where Aether—the Liquid Flame—sustains life, and only the mythical Forever Bracelets and true love can keep you warm. When two yeti-hunting dwarves, Bragen and Grogg, embark on a quest to slay the Frost Dragon Claymore, they set off a chain of events that brings together an unlikely group of heroes. Among them are a princess seeking adventure beyond her city's walls, a farmer's boy on a mission for vengeance, and a mysterious bare man on his own quest to slay the dragon. As their paths converge, they must navigate a treacherous landscape filled with elven rangers, rogue spellcasters, and ancient demons. The novel delves into the lives of each character, exploring the challenges they face, their motivations, and the complex web of relationships that tie them together. As they forge alliances and confront their adversaries, they slowly unravel the true nature of the world they live in and the dangerous consequences of their actions. In this icy realm defined by power struggles and the ever-present need for warmth, it is the eternal flame of love that ultimately brings hope to the desperate heroes. Polar is a tale of sacrifice, loyalty, and the power of love against the backdrop of a world on the brink of chaos.