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David Keay
Power Park
David Keay, author
Ever hear of a twenty-thousand- year -old roller coaster? How about a moth piloting a commercial flight from Washington to Boston? Fake News or Real Deal? Meet: Lance Mantis, business man. He'd like to reinstate Power Amusement Park to its former glory, but will Communication Station replace it instead? Meet: Larry Leverage, U.S. intelligence agent suspected of counter terrorist activity by The Crockett Organization. Meet: Lucy Lava, Martel comic book heroine on a mission to assist whistleblower Stan Landfill allude the evil clutches of Al Kaida and Hillary Braun. Meet: Probis, pirate record producer, navigating The Void's best and worst record stores. Meet: Leonard Schneider, nightclub comedian and lawyer. Can he reach a new generation? Meet: Bill Buckle, one -hundred -year- old Principal of Eisenhower High School. Don't call him "senile." Meet: Wayne Johnson AKA Skidoo, former School of the Americas instructor and current clown with The Bizzarro Circus. Meet: Bobo Gandalf, rock star and activist. Watch him pass on the pickle and put in a pitch for NATO. Meet: Jerry Plankton AKA Adrian Hate. Goofy chemist or pop singing dreamboat? Will these West Moreland citizens see their beloved Power Park saved or savaged? Find out in this fond farewell to a simpler era and caustic commentary on where we've arrived. Amidst today's insane political climate, Keay's targets are spot on in this surreal romp. A barrel of laughs and food for thought from The Dean of Satire and author of cult classic Fake Book. It's been worth the wait.