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Delia Pitts
Practice the Jealous Arts
Harlem sleuth SJ Rook and his colleagues at the Ross Agency return in two new tales of murder, violence, and twisted motives. In the first novella, "Poetic License," Rook's pal NYPD detective Archie Lin calls in a favor when faced with a brutal murder at a fancy private school. Someone's killed a math teacher and Rook finds himself in a race against time before the killer strikes again -- or frames Rook for the crime. In the second novella, "Watermark'd," Rook and Sabrina Ross travel to upstate New York for a rural security job that's anything but tranquil. An eccentric artist is convinced someone means him harm. But who's really in need of protection -- the creative genius, his four equally talented daughters, or the two members of the Ross Agency?