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Pre-Marital Murder
“Logan Magee was obviously a man in love, a man looking forward to the future. I didn’t believe for a minute all that conspiracy stuff Mrs. Magee was clinging to, but neither did I believe that Logan Magee had killed himself.” Thirty-something and single, Britt Faire is a columnist and former reporter for a daily newspaper in Memphis, Tennessee. She doesn’t like to attract attention to herself, but that doesn’t stop trouble from finding her every chance it gets. One day she gets a phone call from a woman named Maggie Magee. Logan, Maggie’s son, jumped from a bridge into the Mississippi River nearly a year ago--the night before he was supposed to get married. The case was ruled a suicide, but Ms. Magee claims he was murdered by the FBI and that the local police helped cover it up. She had even called a psychic to confirm the facts… Britt, while sympathetic to the grieving mother’s plight, doesn’t believe a word of it. But when she receives two homemade DVDs in the mail and watches them despite her better judgment, she finds herself in Maggie Magee’s corner—that handsome, successful, upbeat Logan couldn’t have committed suicide. With precious few clues to go on, Britt begins an investigation of her own that quickly consumes her every waking moment. Readers will be charmed by Britt’s sense of humor and caught up in her amateur investigation—as well as her tangle of romantic interests. Smart, winning, and a page-turner to the last, Candy Justice has written a juicy — and gentle — mystery with a heart that you'll want to read in an afternoon.