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Mirla Raz
Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do
Mirla Raz, author
This informative book gives parents the tools that will help them help their child. The book explains the following and more: - what happens when a child stutters - stuttering facts - the role of emotions in stuttering - the emotions and roles of the parents - what can cause the child s stutter to be better or worse - the impact of the child s environment - what parents can do if they want to help their child stop stuttering - when and where to seek professional help - what to expect when seeking professional help.

As a speech pathologist, and a mother of a preschool boy who stutters, I highly recommend this book. I read it in one sitting. It was a nice review for me and reassurance that I have been taking the right steps to help my child. I think that this is a great resource for SLPs, teachers, and parents whose children are stuttering or who may have concerns that their child is stuttering. The author provides information on preschool stuttering as well as a guide for parents to help them make changes in their ways of communicating to help their child become more fluent. It also suggests when to pursue help from a speech pathologist.


It gives you great insight into stuttering, it helped me into knowing how to detect certain behaviors to avoid and what behaviors to enforce in order to help my child, it also gives you tips as to how to choose a therapist, I would recommend this book for anyone who has a stuttering child at home.


After reading just a few pages of the book, I was well informed at to what to do as my grandson had just began stuttering. Like the book said, most children will correct themselves. I did what it said,and had patience with my grandson. Now he hardly stutters at all and it only took about a monrh of just letting him realize himself what he should do..he would just slow down or start over..he is 2 yrs old....this book helped me so much.


As a fellow speech language pathologist, I found Ms.Raz's book thorough, organized in a logical and meaningful manner and easy to follow. She gives practical advice around how to interact with your child during dysfluent periods, at what point you should seek services and how to choose the best services for your child's needs.

If you have a child with dysfluent speech, Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do is an excellent guide. I will be sharing this book with my concerned preschool parents.