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Prescription Comedy: An Unlikely Antidote To Physician Burnout
The secret to healing from physician burnout, re-connecting with loved ones and rediscovering daily joy resides in an unlikely place: the comedy club. In Prescription Comedy, author, Dr Kondapaneni shares her personal journey with burnout and how an almost accidental foray into the world of comedy proved key to her cure. What you'll discover: Why so many physicians succumb to burnout and suffer a loss of faith as they toil under the weight of a medical system that doesn't value connection. Where the true value of comedy truly lies: in cultivating a connection with the audience that extends far beyond making them laugh. How Dr Kondapaneni's personal quest to improve the physician-patient communication bond led her to discover and explore comedy. Simple lessons that can help you defeat physician burnout. "In sharing my journey, I aim to help fellow physicians who feel downtrodden, dis-enfranchised and dis-enchanted by the weight of a medical system," says Dr Kondapaneni. "Unless one has walked in the shoes of a shattered physician, it's hard to understand the swamp which can swallow a physician whole." Physicians are often seen as lucky to have a stable, well-paying career. They ultimately carry the burden of treating our most precious resource: health. Couple this responsibility with a broken health-care system, and physicians face a hefty load indeed. "The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter" --Mark Twain