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Pretty Wrecked: Confessions of a Teen Addict and Her Road to Recovery
Tracy Viola, author
Going numb was her only choice... In this captivating memoir, one woman's journey unfolds - from the darkest depths of teenage abuse and addiction to the heights of personal and professional success. Her brave and vivid narrative, skillfully blending laughter and tears, reveals the enduring beauty that can emerge from life's darkest moments. Marked by scars and illuminated by triumphs, this is a gripping read for anyone who has faced adversity, dared to hope, and believes in the boundless power of redemption.
In her profoundly insightful debut, Viola gifts readers a front-row seat to the wrenching realities of addiction—and a window into the hope of recovery. Growing up in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb, Viola’s childhood took a toxic turn when she was 12 years old, thanks to her abusive stepfather, Richard. Viola eventually turned to substances to numb the pain, writing “Sixteen-year-old Tracy wouldn't even recognize thirteen-year-old Tracy” of her deep journey into addiction. When rock bottom hit at age 19, Viola embarked on a different journey—this time to rebuild her life and learn how to “love and respect myself.”

Viola’s stark honesty is on full display as she recounts the painful side effects of her addiction: sexual assault, homelessness, and strained family relationships are just some of her tragic experiences, but she’s careful to emphasize how the hard work of recovery paid off—despite a failed stint at Hazelden in Minnesota—leading to a successful sobriety journey, with the assistance of local rehab and abundant AA meetings. After earning a bachelor and master’s degrees, Viola established her own thriving consultant business and achieved “a solid, amazing marriage… [with] no games [and] no baggage.” Viola and her husband, Mike, have two daughters who, she writes, are learning “the value of grit and working towards success.”

Viola, now 27 years sober, is an incredible success story for those facing similar struggles. “Nobody tries a little something at a party - a wine cooler or beer or hit of pot or a mushroom or a pill - and is suddenly hit with the reality of what one’s life will look like in 4 years after trying that one harmless little thing” she writes. Her bravery will sow seeds of hope for fellow addicts and those who love them, alongside reassurance of a way forward and a life without substances, fear, or judgment.

Takeaway: Raw memoir of addiction with a healthy dose of hope for recovery.

Comparable Titles: Marya Hornbacher’s Wasted, Koren Zailckas’s Smashed.

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