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Andrea K. Stein
Pride of Valor
Valor in battle is nothing compared to the courage required to face up to love. Harriet, Dowager Countess of Worthen, rusticates in the countryside outside Falmouth with her grandmother, a former beauty and Covent Garden actress. Although the elderly duchess’s days as the toast of society ended with marriage to the late Duke of Sidmouth, her aged mind has turned back to her earlier calling. Two mastiffs and Harriet’s naughty six-year-old son complete the havey-cavey household. While combing Falmouth’s harbor-front bars for crew for the Black Condor, Royal Marine Lieutenant Richard Bourne has to rescue an elderly lady from drunken hecklers whilst she’s playing the witches’ scene from “Macbeth.” Seeing her safely home turns out to be complicated. Who knew she was a former duchess? Who knew her widowed granddaughter would have deep green eyes a man could drown in? How can Harriet rusticate with an Irishman underfoot who looks that good in a Royal Marine uniform? How can Richard walk away after one good deed without falling into those deep green eyes?