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Prodigal Avenger: A Story of the Secret War in Afghanistan
Tim Moynihan, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

A Covert Rescue Mission No One Expects to Succeed--Who will survive?

Kirkus Reviews

In this novel about the war on terror, bravery and faith go hand in hand.

This American military drama begins in 2003 in a village square near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Dressed as an Afghan woman, Special Operations officer Jake Drecker slips into the crowd and shoots a Taliban leader in the head. Meanwhile, an American Christian missionary has been kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan. And on that very same day, Special Ops forces in the mountains north of Jalalabad in Afghanistan are about to be overtaken by Chechens, but they are saved by a mysterious army. Weaving these incidents together, the author creates a story of heart-pounding action and edge-of-the-seat suspense. Jake is a professional killing machine who struggles with his past and sarcastically refers to himself as a “nice Jewish kid from Hawaii.” His commander, Michael “Pancho” Sanchez, leads the Prodigal Avenger Special Operations task force. Soon to be promoted to colonel, Pancho has a high degree of respect for Jake and the other soldiers in the field. Pancho’s last wish before becoming a paper-pusher is granted when he and Jake must take out the terrorist Abbas Bin Azzam. But a defect in the plan occurs when the missionary hostage is placed in their crosshairs. Can they obliterate the bad guy while saving the captive? Or is Jake going on a crazy suicide mission? Though the real star of this novel is Jesus (Jake fights an inner battle with disbelief), the Christian theme is not heavy-handed in the story, and any reader should appreciate the predicaments of the characters involved. Moynihan’s (No Greater Love, 2015) polished prose is fast-paced, and his gritty descriptions are sometimes starkly poetic. For example, during one exchange of fire, “the mini-guns opened up and began chewing up the hilltop. Shimmering brass shell casings fell in twisting clumps from the guns to the earth below.” The author also offers some singular points of view. In a scene that’s both compassionate and provocative, readers go inside the mind of a failed suicide bomber to find out how he came to such a low point in his life.

Fans of war stories and Christian fiction should be rooting for the hard-nosed hero to find grace.

Pub Date: Nov. 27th, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-948888-79-0

Page count: 298pp

Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing, Inc.

Program: Kirkus Indie

Review Posted Online: Jan. 16th, 2019

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A Covert Rescue Mission No One Expects to Succeed–Who will survive?

Special operator and “nice Jewish kid from Hawaii,” Jake “Snake” Drecker, is intent on a mission across borders to eliminate a brutal terrorist cell. That they may or may not also be holding an American missionary hostage is unclear. The intelligence is sketchy, the objectives vague, and the chance of success slim.

Jake’s boss and old friend, Lieutenant Colonel Mike “Pancho” Sanchez, wonders at the mysterious motivation behind his best soldier’s decisions–and about an equally mysterious rogue military unit that shows up at the worst moments to insert itself into their operations. That the CIA seems willing to sacrifice both Drecker’s team and the hostage only adds to the mystery, forcing Pancho to dig deep to discover the truth behind the missionary’s past.

And time is running out as Drecker drags his team on a quixotic rescue operation into the very belly of the beast–a mission Drecker and Pancho both know they cannot survive unscathed.

$12.99 paperback, $5.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-948888-78-3 (trade) | 978-1948888-79-0 (POD) 978-1-948888-80-6 (e-book)

Chasing Sunrise explores betrayal, friendship, integrity, and the life-changing gifts of love and hope.–Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“I quit.”Michael Northington tossed his special forces insignia across his commander’s desk. He wore the uniform to protect lives, but when an assignment kills a friend, he leaves behind the military world to seek solace on St. Croix.

Haunted by guilt and his friend’s unsolved murder, Michael teaches scuba to tourists and acquires a taste for classical music. Until his battle buddies arrive on his island paradise.

Elise Eisler felt like a song out of tune since her parents died. Desperate to keep her parents’ musical legacy alive, and striving to restore the island’s atmospheric theater, the artist has little interest in the mysterious stranger who moved into the cottage.

Coaxed back into the field, Michael pursues tangled political connections in search of the killer. When deadly internationals and the black market blow onto his tropical home at the same time Hurricane Hugo unleashes its fury, are Michael’s skills enough to protect those he cares about?

Told with a custom blend of fast-paced action, tropic landscapes, and lush detail, Chasing Sunrise is an unforgettable adventure and a piece of paradise you’ll want to take with you.

“Opposite worlds, opposing ideals, and conflicting desires, Chasing Sunrise is action-packed adventure.”–Bill Myers

“A fascinating story supported by wonderful storytelling and a well-woven plot line, Chasing Sunrise is a tale that will keep you turning pages.”–Ace Collins

$12.99 paperback, $4.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-948888-63-9 (trade) | 978-1948888-64-6 (POD) 978-1-948888-65-3 (e-book)