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Gwen Ryan
Gwen Ryan, author
Eight-year-old Jack Draper knows the Man in Black is coming for him, but he has nowhere to run. After surviving fetal surgery that saw a neural interface implanted in his head, Jack grows up to be a uniquely gifted child, one who can connect with computers in strange and beautiful ways. After delving into the murky underbelly of the dark web, Jack crosses paths with a serial killer who engages Jack in a deadly game of cat and mouse. While Jack’s mother, Melanie, struggles to understand what is going on with her son, an unlikely ally, Major Nate Weaver, becomes entangled with the pair when the boy hacks into his plane, a next-gen aircraft with highly sensitive stealth technology. After Jack interrupts a plot to hijack the plane, he gets caught between two deadly forces: one that seeks to destroy Jack, and one willing to do anything to control Jack’s unique gift.