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Product Launch - A real story from the trenches of corporate America

Adult; Business & Personal Finance; (Market)

Business and love are just two sides of the same emotionally raw coin. My company, like so many others, nearly tore itself apart launching a new product recently. I’m not talking about a bad quarter or lower bonuses, but an existential threat to the entire business and the careers of a huge team that sacrificed thousands of hours with their families. If you want to keep the same disaster from striking your own team, then skip the overpaid motivational speakers and chuck your Six Sigma certificate in the trash. Strap in for a cautionary ride through the trials and tribulations of a real company, from the boardroom to the line workers and even the “hatchet men” consultants brought in to clean up the mess. But like all real-world stories, this one is about more than just money and team management. Through all the drama, one painful yet redeeming journey shines the brightest: Julie’s tale. This over-qualified and over-stressed single mother on our production line survived every romantic and professional challenge in style. Her latest product launch reinvented her career and relationship, despite all the obstacles in her way. If she can reach through the mud and muck to seize her dreams, what’s our excuse?