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Austin Collings
Author, Illustrator, Service Provider
project review, 9781777529802
Part 1 is an information novel about the insights into the spiritual world and the interacts from it to the physical world and our physical/spiritual selves in great depth, as well as how lucid dreaming is accomplished and comes in effect with the spiritual world. Part 2 is a novel about a greatly enlightened man named Hasuse that is trying to gain great spiritual sense by searching the spiritual world in his dreams, and as he gains great spiritual information he gets strangely tormented in his dreams by evil spiritual world beings to frighten him from learning any more, but Hasuse gets angry instead of scared so he senses and fights the evil spiritual beings through lucid dreaming, this only made things worse though and he got a little frightened but he still was stuck on gaining more spiritual knowledge. As his dreams continued to get worse, he noticed that the evil he went through gave him even more great knowledge because he sensed the evil spiritual beings’ techniques of scaring him in gradually difficult understanding ways built up from the first testing encounter, which gave him puzzles to piece together and understand. When his knowledge got extremely high from constant more evil encounters, the tormenting dreams suddenly stopped and turned into hidden evil misleading dreams that tried to change his ways. He then had to scare the evil away, and while he learned this great knowledge the physical world around him was soon to be ruled by an evil king influentially controlled by evil spiritual beings, that wanted to collect many souls for an end spiritual battle. The king of the land was tricked and went through extreme lengths to gain control of the land, even if it meant using the people around him, and when he saw that Hasuse was never to be under his spiritual power he tried to kill him and others like him to only have people around that he could soon gain spiritual power over, but Hasuse thought of a genius plan to possibly stop this evil plan that would make him an invisible immortal spiritual soldier in the physical world, fighting in combat against the evil greater spiritual beings also in the spiritual world, that have control over the king of the land in the spiritually meshed physical world of wonder…