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Brendon Luke
Author, Editor (anthology)
Public Enemy No.1's Guide On How To Travel
Brendon Luke, author
Public Enemy No.1's Travel Guide is a satirical look on modern travel, and the way our middle class society views it. What does travel mean to you? Does it mean an undying love for newness? A joy found in continuous discovery? Or is it simply a means to an end? Travel, like many things, can excite a light in anyone. Here is where my middle-class privilege really shines. Here is where my pathological inability to walk in another’s shoes becomes apparent. A Syrian child fleeing genocide is probably not going to romanticise travel the way I do, a Kurd exiled from their homeland will not revel in the worldliness of travel brought about by the loss of their ancestral homelands, a migrant farmworker will not gain #wokeness from their travels for minimum wage farm work. The travel I know and love is the travel of middle-class white people with sufficient disposable income and sufficiently comfortable lives to find bar tending in London a novelty. I am disappointed to say I have no experience with the #RichKidsOfInstagram type of travel, but I’m sure I would take to it like a duck to water. In my last book I attempted to be inclusive, but this book will not be like that. I grew up solidly middle class and more than a little spoilt, not my fault, but I will write about what I know. I don’t know what life is like genuinely poor; I don’t know what life is like when your options are limited. I am what I am, and I make no apologies. For those of you who didn’t grow up as me, this book will be your version of travel education, your opportunity to walk a mile in my shoes, your opportunity to ogle the exotic life of someone else.