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Chaim Bezalel
Author, Illustrator
Public Works (in the realm of art and infrastructure)
A cross genre exploration of the state of art and community and how they relate. The author began the book while serving on the Planning Commission of his city, where he wrote poems describing the current agenda.He then went on to create an installation in various artistic mediums dealing with the subject. The book contains poetry, art, and essays on the role of art in modern society. Contents: Introduction Public Works (art, photography, poetry) Memento Mori, poems of life and death Essays on Art in the Public Realm: Between Decadence and Renaissance (1999) Why You Hate Art - You know you do (2006) Mimesis in the Digital Age (2006) Monet and Abramovich at MOMA (2010) The Nantes School of Architecture and the Idea of Centrality (2015) The Evolution of Propaganda (2017)