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Joshua Danker-Dake
How do you stop a weapon you can’t see? Xiong Holonautics’ Chief of Security Green Greene has saved his company from ruin, but even greater challenges lie ahead. A deadly bombing has shattered Xiong’s newest hologram exhibition, and the evidence points to Greene’s old partner and friend, Juha Karjalainen. But the other megacorporations are after Juha, too, and they will stop at nothing to gain every advantage. When Greene learns that Xiong’s biggest rival, Algary Applications, may be behind the attack, he must embark on a covert mission into the heart of the enemy company to discover the truth. If he succeeds, he might be able to even the playing field—but if he fails, he risks triggering all-out war between the corporations. As Greene pushes himself to his breaking point, he finds that he must decide exactly how much he’s willing to sacrifice for his company—and for his friend. (Projections book 2)