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Mary Jung
Queen of Light and Ashes
Mary E Jung, author
Queen Mèabh is running from mysterious anti-life magic called the Darkness. She later discovers that her ex-husband, Annanias the Second, is behind the destruction of her kingdom. He controls the Darkness and plans to take over the rest of the five kingdoms of Etrucia. Queen Mèabh is pregnant and cannot access her power of light to fight the Darkness, or the army Annanias is assembling. The biological pregnancy block for every female in the Etruciaverse is not her only obstacle. She’s been labeled a traitor by the kings in the previous generation and must rely on good faith from an unsuspected ally to gain sanctuary. After revealing her story to King Ràidhen of Èyre, the neighboring ruler, he agrees to help her fight the Darkness and rally the other kingdoms. While gathering an army, the Darkness strikes again and destroys Xerexes, another Etrucian kingdom. With only three kingdoms left, the ally forces are faced with an impossible situation. How do you stop something that is the essence of nothingness?