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LPaul Turner
Quest for Sylvane
Cle Curbo, author
How to prevent alien rule on Earth? Sylvane enlists Bert, an innocent and naive Earthman. Speeding to warn Watchers Council of Earth's imminent takeover, Sylvane is abducted by Farian, who insists she is the long absent third goddess of the planet Esthar. Intercepted on her way to Esthar, Sylvane is captured by the ultra-secretive Rieceh-Ta who send her to beta-Goltim to draw in the outlawed Farian. Sylvane escapes the Rieceh-Ta on beta-Goltim, only to fall into a trap set by Farian, who sends her to sleep in an ancient castle on Esthar until Queen Iiana awakens and grows in power. Bert attempts to rescue Sylvane but falls victim the Hag. As Sylvane transforms into goddess, she learns that only her power can save the Earth.