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Quickwater Oracles: Conversations & Meditations

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Quickwater Oracles is award-winning poet Ruth Thompson's engaging record of her channeled conversations with an astonishing range of beings, from trees and animals to faeries, dragons, and a host of others. Refreshingly sophisticated, vivid, and joyful, Thompson's first nonfiction book is reminiscent of Ross Gay's "The Book of Delights," offering a perfect companion for daily meditation, journaling, or group discussion.


Blueink Reviews

In a new collection of 101 vivid channelings, a published poet shares the communication she receives from the natural world: from beings real and fantastic, plants, water, stars, and the land .... [T]hese pieces – some poems, others prose – are playful and sensual; they pulse with energy and convey a sense of repose.... Each piece reinforces that everything is connected, that living in the moment is enough, that love dfor oneself and all things will bring joy, which is the natural state of the Universe.

Katerie Prior, Foreword Reviews

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5Quickwater Oracles is an inspiring, thought-provoking collection of spiritual poems and meditations that celebrate nature, humanity, creativity, and love.... While some of the book's philosophical subjects are deep, most of the poems are infused with a sense of playfulness, wonder, and joy.... [A] slow build toward jubilance appears in multiple poems, making the collection crackle with energy....The book's more imagery-centered poems, with their visual descriptions, are spectacular."