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Mel Mattison
Quoz: A Financial Thriller
Mel Mattison, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

It’s 2027. Rory O’Connor is the financial genius who helped create ICARUS, a quantum computer that now controls the world’s stock markets with AI and algorithms. But Rory has recently suffered some tough breaks. He’s checked out of high finance and into a luxury Caribbean condo. After a former colleague finds anomalies with ICARUS, Rory quickly finds himself at the nexus of a high-stakes international conspiracy. In the process, he discovers a hidden thumb drive that contains the mysterious and encrypted Vega files, which leads to a botched attempt on his life. Now, Rory must travel to Switzerland, access the ICARUS mainframe, decrypt the drive, overcome his demons, and save the world from financial chaos. If he fails, the globe descends into an economic Armageddon controlled by madmen and psychopathic bankers.