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Radical Reinvention
Candi Cross, contributor

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

Maureen Lippe, media powerhouse/entrepreneur, and former Vogue and Harper's Bazaar editor debuts her new book, Radical Reinvention, the personal and professional journey of self-discovery after being forced to reimagine, reset and reinvent after losing her beloved husband and partner to COVID-19 and having to transform and grow her company, Lippe Taylor. It was a time of terror, uncertainty, and painful grief. Read how Lippe managed to reclaim her identity and more than double her business following an 8-Step Reinvention Toolkit that she tested and verified with therapists, business leaders and other brave fire starters who helped her realign and discover new facets of herself and her leadership acumen. These individuals represent their personal brands as fiercely as the companies discussed. It's all within your grasp-and you're not alone. Savor the possibilities of Radical Reinvention in this transformative hour!
Lippe’s debut is a clear-eyed and encouraging guide to re-inventing yourself to thrive in changing times, to recharge amid setbacks, to achieve abundance, “explore the full spectrum of your potential,” and build a “personal brand that sustains, never retracts.” She shares her emotional journey of grief after the death of her husband and draws practical insights from the many ways she has reinvented herself and her brand over the course of an impressive career in media and as an entrepreneur. But the heart of Radical Reinvention is Lippe's 8-step Reinvention Toolkit, a tool laid out chapter by chapter with actionable steps illuminated by personal anecdotes, case studies of other "Re-Inventors," and Lippe’s incisive, empathetic insights. From dealing with loss, divorce, job loss, the COVID pandemic, or just wanting a radical change, Lippe makes the case —and shows what it takes—for striving "to always be ready for change.”

The stages of the Reinvention Toolkit (all named “re”s, as in Review, Recover, Reawaken, and more) lay out a clear route to stepping forward, renewed and invigorated, at times when "we retract into our shells when life gets hard.” With a welcome focus on family and supportive relationships, positivity, hard work, self-reflection, and inner work, Radical Reinvention touches on both the personal and the career-oriented, and Lippe’s always frank that transformation takes work, but she is a warm, enthusiastic coach, offering guidance, motivation, and a story that resonates and reflects whatever obstacles readers may be facing.

The reinvention stories come from all walks of life, reporting the experiences of a war hero, a trans social media influencer, a domestic abuse survivor, and more. Above all else, Lippe puts a spotlight on the struggles that can seem to derail one's path and a flexible framework for setting a new course and emerging replenished and rebranded on the other side. This is a powerful and persuasive book about seizing the opportunity to adjust, adapt, and find success while being true to yourself.

Takeaway: Smart, practical guide to reinventing one's life in the face of loss and challenges.

Comparable Titles: Dorie Clark’s Reinventing You, Julia Moulden’s We are the New Radicals.

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