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Steven Freeman
When an unstoppable murderer matches wits with relentless detectives… A serial killer is terrorizing the streets of Washington, D.C. In a sign of unparalleled rage, the murderer carves a mysterious symbol into the dead flesh of each victim. Recognizing the similarity of the killer’s techniques to a previous case, baffled authorities coax legendary FBI criminal profiler Decimus Farr out of retirement. To assist the jaded profiler, NSA Operatives Alton and Mallory Blackwell are assigned to lend their unique skills to the investigation. But as the killing spree continues, the agents struggle to make progress. Every homicide shows a change in pattern, challenging Farr to establish the profile needed to track down the serial killer. Will the trio discover the treacherous criminal before Farr’s burnout forces him off the case? Pull up an armchair and join the race to uncover the killer’s identity.