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Renyuan Dong
Rainstorm of Tomorrow: The Ever-Flowing Banquet of Philosophy
Renyuan Dong, author

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Rainstorm of Tomorrow is a tapestry that weaves the threads of different disciplines to create a holistic picture of our segmented and atomistic modern world, isolated by specialization. The book dexterously intertwines the storied philosophical themes of truth, ethics, and aesthetics together with the theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, epigenetics, social Darwinism, utilitarianism, evolutionary psychology, and modern art—from the soberest rationality to the wildest conjecture—to generate provocative or even alienated discourse on topics that readers might otherwise regard themselves as being familiar with, and challenge them into rethinking any settled positions that are taken for granted. Core discussions are represented by the following themes:

(I) A reversed worldview—the tree growing into the soil with its roots buried in the air

(II) The complexity of ethical behaviors—the conformity to utilitarianism by anti-utilitarian events and the violation of utilitarianism by seemingly utilitarian events

(III) The establishment of universal aesthetics—memory inheritance through “the encephalic waterpipe”