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Charles Witthoft
Random Convergence: The linked evolution of U.S. military aviation and postal air mail

Adult; History & Military; (Market)

Random Convergence is the first volume of a multi-volume study - Airline Regulatory Economics. The intent of this series is to compile a detailed history of U.S. Federal Government activities in owning, operating, developing, promoting and economically-regulating U.S. air carriers. This analysis draws attention on the key events driving this story, the primary individuals responsible for these significant actions, and the political and economic environment embedded in this history. In mathematics, stochastic convergence is a term to describe the merging of random variables wherein a set of numbers settle on a particular number. In our case here, we have the convergence of story-lines – driven by the actions of several different entities, all occurring within the same era – converging in some cases unknowingly to derive a single, specific outcome: The inauguration of aerial mail service by the Postal Service on May 15, 1918. Random Convergence describes the evolution of these different stories – individually the product of somewhat random events – and how their histories – singularly and more importantly, how they intersected with each other at times – ultimately converged to produce the birth of aerial mail service for the Post Office Department.