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Raven Rain
David Stever, author
Johnny Delarosa’s past collides with his future when hired to stop a blackmail scheme against a local celebrity, former pro football star—turned car dealer—Stan Shelton. When a young woman’s body is found in front of Stan’s building, allegations surface of his involvement with an escort service owned by Talia Thorne, the alluring woman with long, raven hair. But Stan has a bad habit of fumbling the truth, and with his back against his own goal line, the pressure builds for Johnny to keep the old pro’s name out of the news. But when a dogged detective meets an untimely demise, and the elusive Talia provides more questions than answers, Johnny is pressed into a fourth and long—with the clock running out—as his journey to find the truth—and clear his client—spirals into an abyss of deceit and death, in the third Johnny Delarosa thriller, Raven Rain.