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Nichole Louise
Raven Rock
Who was the Headless Horseman? 1776. Wolfram Kaspar Von Hultz of Hesse-Cassel is about to embark on a perilous journey to fight the American rebels with the Hessian force allied to the British Army. Although a reluctant soldier, he knows his birthright is to fulfill his duty to the Landgraf. Wolfram takes his place in the world under the guidance of his surrogate uncle and mentor, the charming yet calculating Colonel Johann Rahl. Across the ocean and on the outskirts of Sleepy Hollow, Hulda Aupaumut lives in a cave beneath Raven Rock. Although shunned as a witch by the wary townspeople owing to her Bohemian-Mohican heritage and skill as a healer, Hulda remains to aid and protect those dear to her from the impending doom of war. As violence approaches, Hulda unknowingly discovers mysterious new abilities through her family grimoire from Bohemia, and its connection to the unexplainable power of Raven Rock. Wolfram and Hulda's paths draw closer until they become forever entwined in Sleepy Hollow, united in the common goal of protecting the town and seeking revenge against the man who, twenty years earlier, unknowingly changed both of their lives. Raven Rock exists within the canon of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, weaving together details from the classic American horror tale, local folklore, and the historical context of the American Revolution.
The Historical Fiction Company

5 star review from HFC

Raven Rock advances to the Semi-Finals for the 2023 Goethe Historical Fiction Aw

Chanticleer International Book Awards' 2023 Goethe Historical Fiction Award