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Igor Radovic
Reality Revisited
Igor Radovic, author
Reality Revisited (from A to Z) is a selection from notes taken over the years on many topics of general interest. Due to their vast number, brevity, diversity, and largely stand-alone character, these notes are presented in alphabetical order and as a lexicon. But this is where the similarity of Reality Revisited with traditional lexicons such as the Webster and the Oxford dictionaries largely ends. Some of the notes in Reality Revisited are attempts at humor and satire, and should be taken with a grain of salt. The rest are observations and opinions with which the reader may agree or disagree, depending on his or her upbringing, life experience, and character. Admittedly, some of them also resort to overstatements and understatements to make a point, and are not entirely free of contradictions either, but no more than is life itself. Also, unlike other dictionaries, which address reality as it is supposed to be, and should be, Reality Revisited deals with it as it is, while also recognizing that reality is not a constant, and that many parts of it are subject to change. Unless specialized, dictionaries cannot be selective and, in that respect, Reality Revisited is not different from traditional lexicons. It considers the exceptional and the beautiful as well as the trivial and the ugly, and it offers its comments, opinions, and defi┬Čnitions in the hope that readers will still find some of them informative and interesting and, perchance, even entertaining.