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Kirsten Hopfensperger
Author, Illustrator

Adult; Poetry; (Market)

The book, rearranged, embodies vulnerable stories of deep, jagged trauma, and the isolating path of finding self-acceptance. The author strips her soul onto the pages in this raw and heartfelt collection of experiences throughout her life. As the readers follow along on this journey, they become one with the aching that comes from loss and loss of self, while encompassing the resounding hope that shines healing light into the darkness.

where do you tiptoe  
when your soul is buried  
under tiny crumbles of despair? 
which foot do you place before the next? 
the water of your tears
moistens the crumbs to paste
and the harder the steps become  
muck holding you in place 
quicksand locking its fingers
around your ankles 
laying down now  
you seek shelter in the domes of depression 
and while you coil under the dried up blankets 
the scratchy remains of who you used to be 
you close your eyes and dream of peace  
a word you believe is no longer in your horizon 
your sky, arid with smog and division 
but i pray you open your eyes  
and begin to see  
there is more to you than this darkness 
your story is just beginning