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Rebirth of the Gangster
CJ Standal, author
Rebirth of the Gangster is a black-and-white comic exploring the moral challenges of a young inner-city prosecutor torn between crime, the law, and family tradition. It deals with issues of class, race and more. Marcus Thompson is this young prosecutor, an African-American son of rich parents. Hunter Anderson is a poor, white man, son of a dying mom and dead dad. They both get sucked into a life of crime as they struggle with family legacies and a murder as old as themselves. And to make matters worse, Detective Lorena Sanchez is on the case trying to bring them down! Produced by professionally published writer and artist team, Rebirth of the Gangster is Breaking Bad meets The Wire with a dash of Othello. It has color covers with noir-drenched, black and white interior artwork that would make any fan of 100 Bullets and Criminal perfectly pleased.