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Bennett Essien
Rebound for the Top
This book by inspiration is written to help you find your path toward fulfillment after you've hit the rocks. It is plots the path of recovery from a failure. Are you seeking a way out of the mire, trying to break out of a vicious cycle, or torn between failure and the end of the road? This book is designed to help you to glide out of the turbulence and get traction to start over again. Experience never teaches you, but it does create the opportunity and environment for you to learn. The responsibility falls to you; “respond to become or react to the fall”! “Baby-steps are usually fraught with falls and accidents? Failure is a part of nature. All men fall but what they do in their fallen state will either make or mar them. Like the biblical Job, reapond positively to your experience and redouble your outcome.” Out of experience came forth Victory!