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Peder Tellefsdal
Rebranding The Church
Why do Church leaders and Christian organizations struggle to connect with modern audiences? Where once the church was a cornerstone of local communities, today many people believe it is irrelevant or out of touch. And so, church leaders are now stuck between a warped public perception and the true message of the Gospel. If you care about the Christian message today, it is hard not to feel discouraged. But what if we look at this all wrong? What if the problem isn’t that people don’t care but that the messaging around the Gospel is confusing and unrelatable? If you want people to join your movement, you have to tell them a story they actually want to be in. Peder Tellefsdal has set out to help make the Gospel relevant again to modern audiences. His TEDx talk "How to seek forgiveness when relationships are on the line” has 1.7 million views (PS! This is the first part of the back cover. The rest underneath - back cover text)
“The Gospel is the greatest story ever told… yet, today, it seems most people in the West do not care,” writes Tellefsdal in this fresh, inviting resource for Christian leaders and organizations. Drawing on 20 years of experience in public relations, and candidly sharing his personal journey with the Christian faith, Tellefsdal delves into barriers that, he argues, are making the church irrelevant to contemporary followers: weakening their message to be “like everyone else” or becoming inflexible and isolating from the mainstream. To combat those “ditches” as he calls them, Tellefsdal offers several functional tools and communication tactics, urging the church to reach those who are “in desperate need of grace and hope.”

Tellefsdal’s approach is unique, and, though much of his experience is based out of his home turf of Norway, readers will find a wealth of creative suggestions here, all aimed at increasing church membership and clarifying the Christian message. Tellefsdal labels the church as “off-brand”—and offers steps to get back on track, including how to “pitch” Jesus to contemporary audiences—while asserting that the complaints people have toward Christianity result from a lack of human connection between the church and the outside world. He also recounts interviews with prominent church leaders across the globe, sharing their success stories and the steps they took to get there as proof that “significant progress can occur if we rethink where and how we gather.”

Whether it’s revamping media approaches, improving web sites, or applying a sales funnel approach to church marketing, Tellefsdal offers readers logical principles to enhance the “Christian narrative” and “make the Christian faith relevant to modern audiences.” Bonus material includes analysis of secularization trends in the United States compared to Europe and a summary of how to use the hero’s journey framework when marketing the Christian faith.

Takeaway: Creative guide for bringing a Christian message to contemporary audiences.

Comparable Titles: Andrew Atherstone’s Repackaging Christianity, Dave Adamson’s MetaChurch.

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