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Tamar Nadiradze
Red Thoughts
Matilda is a young woman who was born in a tiny city in a small country, in a very large family. She was an obedient girl with a calm nature, who was not revealing her wishes too loudly. Eventually, it ended up with suppression of her self and following the decisions of the family, without any objections. Over time Matilda kind of fell into a deep sleep and turned her life to Auto-Pilot. She was tormented by red neurosis, which forced her to abandon some social activities, her wishes, goals, and even friends. Years go by and the only cell that never gave up on her, after all these times, has awakened. This cell awakens the second, third, fourth and slowly, without rush, Matilda’s whole self is starting to fight for awakening. Her consciousness goes through an amazing transformation and eventually, she starts to see life with all its fascinating colors