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Reef Fish Behavior - Florida Caribbean Bahamas - 2nd Edition
Eric Riesch, contributor
The new 448-page edition includes 588 photos, emphasizes reef fish life cycles, reproduction, cleaning symbiosis, colors & camouflage, senses and sound communications, marine wildlife management plus 16 fish family overviews. Since the publication of the first edition exactly 20 years ago, notable advances in science have lead to greater understanding of reef fish behavior. DNA markers for tracking fish larvae have helped our understanding of larval transport and its crucial role establishing and maintaining reef fish communities. Lab and field studies in the Pacific have revealed a more complex relationship between species in cleaning behavior. Scientific studies and local conservation efforts in the Cayman Islands and Belize have also yielded new information on grouper and snapper spawning aggregations. Reef Fish Behavior presents an overview of what is presently known about the nature of reef fishes for recreational divers, underwater naturalists, photographers, and budding marine biologists. It is also meant to serve as a companion reference to Reef Fish Identification – Florida Caribbean Bahamas 4th edition.