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Reflections in the Mist
Architect Grey Cavanaugh and his girlfriend, interior designer Misty Sommer, have put their hearts and souls into production of the Star Silo, a contemporary skyscraper sure to change the St. Louis skyline for generations to come. But when a mysterious death sends the FBI to their doorstep, it becomes clear that there is more to this project than they know. What’s also clear is that Grey’s own family has some deep, dark secrets. Before they know what’s happening, Grey and Misty are on the run—not just from the FBI, but from an adversary that follows no rules—and what began as the revolutionary development project that brought them together soon leaves them fighting for their lives and their love.
A dream job turns into a nightmare for architect Grey Cavanaugh in Krusie’s thrilling page-turner. Venture capitalist Salvatore Mancini hires Grey and interior designer Misty Sommer to develop the Star Silo, a St. Louis skyscraper that Grey hopes will “bring his name to the forefront of the architectural universe.” Grey and Misty fall for each other while working on the project, and Grey is stunned when months later, after being summoned by Mancini to Chicago, he’s terminated for having violated the terms of his employment, which banned any direct communications between design team members after ground was broken for the building. Worse news follows when Grey learns that the Mancini has been murdered and the FBI suspects him of doing it, a development that turns Grey and Misty into fugitives. Grey tries to stay alive and clear his name with the help of his father, a former CIA agent. Fast-paced action sequences are balanced nicely by the author’s depiction of the lovers’ deepening devotion to each other. (BookLife)