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Reimagining Success
Everyone longs for a successful and fulfilling life. Yet many of us experience limited success: we may succeed in certain areas of our life, only to struggle in other significant ways. For instance, we may do well at work yet struggle in our home life. We may enjoy certain comforts yet suffer from depression, anxiety, or addictions. How can we experience success and well-being across our life? We can learn to clear the blocks and fears that are holding us in unhealthy patterns. Bringing the power of mindfulness and psychology together, we can locate the roots of our limiting patterns to heal them, clearing the way for us to reconnect with our own Essence, a wellspring of inner composure and wisdom that serves as our inner compass, guiding us to choices and actions that create a happy, fulfilling life. When we are in connection with our Essence, we reclaim the aliveness, confidence and freedom we experienced as young children, inspired to live as we are meant to live.
Passionate about cultivating true success, which she defines as the ability to “manifest the life we have always wanted to live,” psychotherapist Fallon-Cyr offers readers her tried-and-true methods of achieving self-satisfaction in this well-structured debut. “Success in one area of life doesn’t guarantee success across our life,” she writes, as, drawing fresh insight from her professional experience, she breaks down seven domains—physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional, relational, spiritual, and integrative—that impact individual well-being and functioning. Each domain is essential for true success, according to Fallon-Cyr, a stepping stone to leading “satisfying, meaningful lives.”

Fallon-Cyr’s writing is clear, objective, and overflowing with self-reflection prompts and exercises that drive home her prescribed path to success. She reiterates throughout that defining success according to conventional measures—money, fame, and power—doesn’t serve as a true measure of contentment, advising readers instead to increase their health in each of her specified domain areas, with the end result of “integrative functioning”—a superpower, of sorts, that embraces achieving one’s full potential. All seven domains are broken down and explained in easy-to-understand terms with tailored advice: the mind/body connection, as part of Fallon-Cyr’s Physical Domain, is a powerful key to “healing our wounds and releasing our limiting beliefs,” while the Psychological Domain comes with specific steps to nurturing a strong mind (recognizing and releasing limiting beliefs is critical).

The ultimate goal is to master Fallon-Cyr’s Integrative Domain, an area that entails competence across all other domains, to “[open] a new sense of who we are and what it means to live successfully.” In the process of working towards integration, readers will discover deep insights on spirituality, emotional balance, and more. Fallon-Cyr closes with a nod to community, identifying “true success for all” as “Living our True Nature, as best we can, right here in this moment, and helping others do the same.”

Takeaway: Clear steps to achieving personal contentment and mastering meaningful living.

Comparable Titles: Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, Tessa Cason’s Awaken, Emerge, Become.

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