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Sarena Straus
In 2126, society finally has its quick fix. ReInception is a machine used for modifying human behaviors, everything from taming unruly children to reprogramming terrorists. Columbia student Leandrea Justus is passively anti-ReInception. But when she and her boyfriend are separated during a bombing at an anti-ReInception rally, Ward — not just his name, but also his status in society — helps her. In return, he wants her to help The Origins, the alleged terrorist group blamed for the bombing whom Ward claims are being framed in order to justify a campaign of forced ReInception. Leandrea knows Ward is keeping some very dangerous secrets, but with her boyfriend having been forcibly reprogrammed after the rally, and rumors circulating that the process can cause permanent damage, what choice does she have? Only Ward can give her what she wants the most — the truth. The novel is set in a New York City vastly different from today’s (but still recognizable), where violent criminals are ticking time bombs released into society on the false promise that ReInception has rendered them safe. ReInception delves into the social and political issues facing society today and explores just what price might be too high to pay for peace on our streets.
Amazon Best-Selling Author of City Dark, Roger Canaff

"This is a remarkable book. Brilliant, gripping, endlessly creative."

New York Times Bestselling Author, Jason Hough

"A richly detailed world full of thought-provoking tech. Straus's imagination and deft storytelling shine in this impressive debut!"