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Juliana Leamen

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Instead of losing weight, learn to release it instead - no matter how many diets you've tried without long-term success. This is your guide towards loving your body and feeling empowered in midlife.  As women transition through menopause, the rules of the game change. Hormones are shifting, stress is at an all time high and what worked in your 20s and 30s does not seem to work anymore. In this book, you will discover how to get the body you want in midlife, without relying on willpower, calorie counting, or tracking all your meals in an app by adopting the mindset of release. If you are a woman over 40, tired of being unhappy with your body when you step on the scale or look in the mirror, then Release is the one book you must read BEFORE your next diet. This is NOT another weight loss book, another diet trend or magical secret you have not tried yet. Instead, Release is a rebellion against hating our bodies and trying to change who we are, after all your body got your back!
Anthea [Amazon]

On the surface, this is a book about releasing body weight for women in midlife.

If you really take a deep dive into what Juliana Leaman has shared, this is actually a book about personal transformation.

Juliana bravely shares her own story of her childhood, her struggles with her health, and how she has leaned into the wisdom of her own body to successfully heal and transform it.

She has clearly been inspired by thought leaders such as Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, and Oprah, which has helped her to bravely and authentically share her insights with other women in this book.

She generously shares some valuable bonuses with this book to help women stay mindful of how they can continue on their weight release journey after studying the book.

I was part of a group of women entrepreneurs with Juliana, and was thrilled to see how she took time to thank myself everyone in the group in the dedication at the end. I am a strong believer in having an attitude of gratitude, since when we take some to express our gratitude and appreciation to others, it helps us all to release any emotional weight and to move forward with ease.

For those who are spiritually inclined, this book is a very high vibration spiritually attuned read.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Bonita [Amazon]

Juliana Leamen has written a wonderful book full of gems of knowledge applicable to any life. She shares her own experience and of helping many clients release excess weight and live a full and passionate life. Her insights are useful for many challenges we face in life, and she provides an entire resource library to help along the journey.

Kat [Amazon Review)

I would definitely recommend this book!! I finished reading it last night and I know I will read it over and over again because the content is honest and wise and the words bear repeating. It’s like sitting with a dear friend who shares everything you need to hear to live a full and rewarding life. It’s not just about weight loss or release, it’s about how we navigated peri-to-post menopause with a healthy and strong body and mind. It’s about caring for ourselves and the women around us with kindness and compassion. It’s about understanding ourselves and knowing we deserve better.

Paula Correa [Amazon]

Juliana is deeply committed to helping women not only shed excess weight, but also how to truly fall in love with their own bodies. Juliana's work ethics are impeccable. She is dedicated to her own personal learning and growth. This book is a testament of this. If you are looking for something that goes deeper than a "how-to" book on weight loss, then this book is for you. Better yet, if you had been searching for weight loss books and this book found you, you will get way more than just weight loss. I highly recommend it. Thank you Juliana.

Amazon Best Seller & Hot New Release

On its first dayon Amazon, my new book, Release - A Woman's Guide To Releasing Weight In Midlife Through Becoming Your Body's Best Friend' ranked for: 

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🔥 #1 Hot New Release in Weight Maintenance (Amazon Canada)
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🔥 #3 New Release in Weight Maintenance (Amazon US)
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Thank you all for your support! 


For Immediate Release

Juliana Leamen, Naturally Joyous Inc. |
Ontario, Canada



Midlife Expert determined to change how women look at weight loss after 40

Kitchener, ON - August, 2022 - Canadian author, Juliana Leamen, has recently published her new book, titled ‘Release - A Woman’s Guide To Releasing Weight In Midlife Through Becoming Your Body’s Best Friend’, inspired by a series of interviews she conducted with women over 40, which started in 2020, to help change the weight loss conversation in midlife.

“For years, the weight loss industry has told women what to do, what to eat, how much to move and the list of strategies goes on and on. It is time for a new approach!” – says Leamen.

After over 10 years in the wellness field, the Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and founder of Naturally Joyous Inc., an award-winning practice in Ontario, Canada, has made it her mission to empower other women who, like herself, have experienced weight struggles, lack of self-esteem and motivation issues.

By reading her book, ‘Release’, readers will discover how to approach weight loss from the inside out, what Juliana calls weight release.

This is a book I want women to read before their next diet, as it will equip them with a surprising perspective on the topic and will increase their chances of long-term success, no matter what strategy or protocol they follow” - says Leamen.

Differently than most weight loss books, Juliana approaches the topic from a fresh perspective, showing the reader that regardless of the strategy they follow, their mindset is often the main determinant of their long-term success. By adopting the mindset of release, women become able to let go of self-blame and look at their bodies from an empowered perspective, making healthy aging possible.

 ‘Release’ is available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook, and can be found at many retailers. For more information about the book, please visit

Juliana Leamen, the creator of the Release Method™, is a Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, specializing in empowering women transitioning through menopause with mindset support to optimize their weight release efforts. Juliana hosts the Confidence From Within podcast, has been a guest on several podcasts and has been featured on Rogers TV, CityNews Everywhere, Authority Magazine and Thrive Global. She lives in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, with her husband.  


 Juliana is available for interviews. For more information, please email

New Book Release - In Studio on Rogers TV Feature

My new book, Release, is almost out and I had the privilege of chatting with Danielle Joworski on her new show In Studio on Rogers TV.

We chatted about why I want women to read this book BEFORE their next diet, why this is a topic that is important to women today and how this book breaks the old rules of weight loss, my own personal rebellion, and helps you see the journey from a very different perspective.

What I Want Women To Know Before Their Next Diet

Episode 90 - Confidence From Within Podcast = 

Today's episode is very special to me and I've been hoping and waiting to record it for the last 10 years!! I'm revealing to you and the world TODAY something very special that I've been working on intensively for the last six months! Here it is; I am releasing and publishing my very first book, called “Release“! This is something that I've dreamed of for a very long time and it’s finally here! This book is for every woman that is unhappy with her body and thinking about going on a weight loss program. Just make sure to read it before that! Pre-sales start today so if you are interested, just click on the image below! Learn more and get detailed show notes by visiting