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Derrin Aethelbeorn’s life as a college sophomore is suddenly flipped on its head when he is abducted and transported to an underground facility. There, The Dark One—a spiteful villain—is constructing a compact nuclear weapon, and plans to initiate a nuclear holocaust unlike anything ever imagined. But it is here that Derrin discovers a legend—a legend which speaks of a Liberator, a man who will rescue the innocent and destroy the Dark One’s plot. Who is this Liberator, and could he be found? Time is not on his side. The Dark One becomes aware of the legend as well, and takes measures to ensure that Derrin, and the Liberator he seeks to find, is found and crushed. Now a man with a price on his head, Derrin must do everything in his power to find the Liberator and fulfill the destiny set before him. But when tragedy quickly strikes, taking the life of the closest of his friends, will he be able to overcome the despair that follows and complete his task before the Dark One’s heinous plot is unleashed upon the world?