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Remember The Monsters
William Neal, author

Chicago homicide detective Abby Kendall is tough, resolute, and emotionally vulnerable. She’s also running on empty. Her marriage to NHL mega-star, Shane Donnelly, is unraveling and she’s chasing shadows in a high stakes cat and mouse game with a cunning serial killer. As Remember The Monsters barrels forward Abby is forced to face her personal demons while her hunt for the elusive predator leads her down a path far darker and more sinister than anything she thought imaginable.

Chicago PD Det. Abby Kendall, the heroine of this suspenseful serial killer thriller from Neal (Rogue Justice), is still grappling with her separation from NHL superstar Shane Donnelly when she’s assigned to a high-profile murder case. Lillie Roberts, the wife of Dylan Roberts, the host of a controversial TV talk show featuring volatile confrontations between guests, was found in an SUV, her body bisected and mutilated in a manner evocative of the notorious Black Dahlia murder. While Dylan claims innocence, a blood-stained shirt of his turns up in his garage. Abby uncovers evidence that Lillie was the latest victim of a subtle murderer, who’s killed women across the country while leaving evidence implicating the husband. Meanwhile, Shane calls Abby to tell her he got into a fight during a hockey game and seriously injured his adversary, placing himself in jeopardy of prosecution. Sections recounted from the killer’s perspective, signaling his identity, serve to escalate the tension. Fans of John Sandford will be pleased. (Self-published)
Criminal Profiler

Remember The Monsters expertly draws you into the world of serial killers – their M.O., ritual, and staging behaviors. All the while delving into the complexities of these types of investigations. As one of the FBI’s real-life criminal profilers, I appreciate William Neal’s attention to detail and accuracy. Detective Abby Kendall’s investigative tenacity and outside the box thinking had me smiling! 

                       – Mark Safarik, Former FBI Criminal Profiler