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Cindy Sell
Remnants of a Scarlet Flame
The classic fantasy tales of Raymond Feist and Robert Jordan meet modern themes from RF Kuang and NK Jemisin in this debut epic. For two centuries, Syljians have been hunted by the Sorcerers’ Guild. Desperate to procure life-sustaining resources for his people, Syljian Alar Fellman uses his psionic powers to infiltrate the Guild’s ranks as a student of magic. The Guild’s star prodigy, Daeya McVen, cherishes her friendship with the new student. But Daeya’s secrets far surpass Alar’s inability to penetrate her mind. As she languishes beneath her mentor’s demands, her talent breeds contempt among the elder sorcerers, who crave nothing more than to see her fall. When a leader of the Syljian resistance is captured, Alar risks his alias to rescue him. But the leader’s prophetic visions allude to a greater threat—one that inextricably ties the fate of Alar’s people to Daeya. Uncertain whether she is fated to be his people’s greatest hope, or their swiftest destruction, Alar must wrest Daeya from enemy hands. With war looming, and the remnants of an ancient magic returned to the world, one wrong move could spell disaster for an entire race. Set in a world where dragons are believed extinct, sorcerers rule nations, and gods walk among mortals, Remnants of a Scarlet Flame is the first installment in the new epic saga, The Last Draegion.