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Mark McNease
Reservation for Murder: A Kyle Callahan Mystery
Mark McNease, author
In the 6th book in the series, Kyle Callahan and his husband Danny Durban have decided to leave New York City to start a new life in the idyllic river town of Lambertville, New Jersey. They open a bed and breakfast, and soon discover that murder and mayhem are waiting to check in. There’s a writers conference in town, with big names and big egos heading for a clash—and a killing—of titans. No sooner has the ink dried on the guest registry than Kyle finds himself pursuing another murderer, this one closer to home than they’ve ever come.

I have read all of Mark's books. In my humble opinion, this was his best. I loved the characters. Mark does such a wonderful job of building his characters. There are not so many characters that it gets confusing. This book kept me riveted the whole time.


Mark McNease is an incredible writer. His newest book, Reservation for Murder, is at the zenith of his creations. The author gives vivid descriptions of what each character is thinking, and most importantly, what their thoughts are based on. HIs descriptions of each venue are quite detailed so much so that one can picture the scene with ease. I found this book to be the best of the Kyle Callahan series!


This is my first Kyle & Danny’s exposure, but it won’t be my last. Mr. McNease is a great story-teller. I enjoyed his characters and truly couldn’t put this book down. I don’t usually give 5 stars for a book, but this one gave me more pleasure than most, so 5 it is. It’s unusual to find an author whose protagonists are approaching my old age. Kyle and Danny are almost up to me. Much of the fun of reading this book was enjoying Mr. McNease’s take on growing old. If you like a good cozy, and you’ve read all of Agatha Christie, then Kyle and Danny are for you.