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Nina Stewart
Author, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Resilient Women: Reclaimed Power: Trading Our Pain For Purpose
Nina Stewart, author
Resilient Women: Reclaimed Power is filled with stories of triumph, resilience, and empowerment. 12 women from different walks of life share their stories and speak their truth. Each woman’s story is different but speaks about how they bounced back from adversity reclaiming Power by sharing their stories in hopes of helping other women move forward and heal so they can also become the polished, poised, and powerful women they were created to be. The courageous women of this anthology series understand what it’s like to experience heartache, depression, sadness, and pain. You will discover: How to overcome the fear of rejection Discovering Your Potential Through Pain Overcoming A Battle With Fibroids and Endometriosis Military Sexual Trauma Identity Issues Identifying Sabotaging Behavior How To Get Rid Of Imposter Syndrome