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  • 978-0990593058, 978-1728804378 B07NDP555T
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Puja Guha
Resurgence of the Hunt: A Global Spy Thriller (The Ahriman Legacy Book 3)
Puja Guha, author
Rogue agents. Illicit arms deals. Bank heists. Island getaways. THE DOGS OF WAR meets MISSION IMPOSSIBLE on the island of Madagascar. Former spy Petra Shirazi and the Ahriman, a retired Iranian assassin, work together to bring down an illegal arms trader who has eluded international authorities for decades and propped up conflict zones around the world.
Plot/Idea: 9 out of 10
Originality: 8 out of 10
Prose: 9 out of 10
Character/Execution: 8 out of 10
Overall: 8.50 out of 10


Plot: The plot moves quickly and with purpose. Chapters are action-packed and easily keep the reader’s attention.

Prose/Style: Guha’s writing is clear and direct, and her greatest strength is her ability to set the scene. Her descriptions of lavish ballrooms and fireworks displays are truly tangible.

Originality: While this story does have the typical trajectory of a spy thriller, Guha manages to keep things fresh by incorporating layers of romance, friendship, humor, and mystery.

Character Development: Guha’s characters are lifelike, with distinct personalities and backgrounds. Her most vivid character, Seymour, is sinister enough to leave the reader with goosebumps.

Blurb: Readers of all ages will enjoy this exciting tale of international espionage, love, secrecy, and revenge.

Date Submitted: May 09, 2019

Brendan DuBois, bestselling mystery author, three-time Edgar Award nominee

"Most thriller writers depend on reference books and the Internet to do their research for their novels.  But Puja Guha has 'been there, done that.'  She's traveled throughout the world from remote poverty-stricken nations to the boardrooms of high finance in the world's richest cities, and it shows in this excellent novel.  Fans of high-paced and action-filled thrillers won't be disappointed."

Cathy Ace, award-winning author of The Cait Morgan Mysteries, and The WISE Enqui

"Taut, pacy thriller, with well-drawn characters, believable relationships, and a satisfying plot."

Lou Berney, Edgar Award-winning author of November Road

"Resurgence of the Hunt is both a gripping thriller and a nuanced character study. Puja Guha writes with real authority and authenticity." 

US Review of Books

"Guha proves herself with this third installment of the Ahriman series and a strong, female lead. Hers is a well-rounded novel that comes alive with her engaging plot and prose, placing her comfortably in a genre dominated by the likes of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and John le Carre."

Kindle Edition eBooks Details
  • 978-0990593058, 978-1728804378 B07NDP555T
  • pages
  • $3.99