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Jeff Gunhus
Resurrection America
Jeff Gunhus, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

When helicopters and armored vehicles filled with soldiers in hazmat suits quarantine the small mountain town of Resurrection, Colorado, Sheriff Rick Johnson feels like the Jihadi wars have followed him home. But while the town follows martial law out of fear of a virus released into the air, Rick isn't buying the official version of events. As he investigates, the cover story unravels and he discovers the military's presence and the salvation they offer isn't what it seems.

In this taut, thought-provoking apocalyptic thriller from Gunhus (Night Chill), hard times have hit the little hamlet of Resurrection, Colo., and the mayor has reinstated the local fall festival in the hope that the food, music, crafts, and fun will lift the community’s spirits. When someone erects a high electric fence in front of the entrance to a long-abandoned mine, Sheriff Rick Johnson is concerned. A series of small, easily dismissed incidents niggle at his mind, but he decides to let things ride until after the festival. Soon, grave problems develop that directly involve every citizen of Resurrection and eventually spiral into a technological threat so cataclysmic that Rick can hardly comprehend its significance. Will Rick and his allies, including AI expert Cassandra Baker, be able to thwart the mad plans of Hank Keefer, the mine’s new owner, and the unbridled greed of Cassandra’s narcissistic billionaire boss, Brandon Morris? Readers will keep turning the pages to find out as the action builds to a surprising conclusion. (BookLife)
Foreword Reviews

"Resurrection America does touching work, tying together a portrait of rural America in crisis. Without pulling any punches, Gunhus delivers an unforgettable thriller that is thought-provoking, honest, and true-blue." 

Kirkus Reviews

Gunhus ... adroitly designs a frightening world upended by geopolitical chaos; the United States, the victim of catastrophic terrorists attacks, struggles to bring order to global madness: “The Chinese invasions through Asia, the instability in Russia, the chaos in South America, the street-to-street fighting against the Jihadis in European capitals, all of it showed the average American a world sliding toward darkness.” Johnson is a memorable and relatable hero, hardened by war and loss but astonishingly hopeful. This tale offers a deliciously creepy vision of a grim tomorrow rendered harrowingly plausible.

A terrifying account of global disorder and American decline. 

Midwest Book Review

"From Americans who love their country and will stop at nothing to keep her powerful and safe to an operation that threatens to isolate and possibly destroy an icon of small-town America, Resurrection America is replete with fast-paced action tempered by slower moments of psychological inspection and character development that succeed in keeping its plot and presentations realistic and involving."The result is a powerful saga that eventually embraces computers, robots, neuroscience, military strategy, and more: a thriller that keeps Sheriff Rick and his readers guessing about the truth, right up to the end. Thriller enthusiasts who like their stories heavy with action and well-flavored with psychological inspection will find Resurrection America an engrossing production indeed, packed with satisfying intrigue and unpredictable twists and turns as it explores a secret experiment that threatens to change the world."Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review