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Resurrection Dialogues with Skeptics and Believers
For 15 weeks, seven people gather to discuss their and other people's beliefs on resurrection. Listen, learn, and join the conversation on whether Jesus rose from the dead. Will you? Does death have the final word? Develop an understanding of resurrection beliefs beginning with Ezekiel and profiled through the centuries to today within the Christian and Jewish communities.
These dialogues by Keire (the Mustard Seed Sunday School curriculum), which form the first part of a three-part study, replicate the conversations in an actual three-year discussion group she facilitated about the religious doctrine of resurrection. Using diverse composite characters synthesized from that experience, Keire begins with the development of the biblical canon and then explores primarily Jewish and Christian views of the resurrection through history. Characters include a Catholic, a Jew, an agnostic, a Gnostic, and an evangelical Christian philosopher. The book is more than academic, however, ranging over important contemporary topics such as martyrdom, suicide bombing, and oppression. Assuming the part of fictional group leader, the author concludes with her own views, skillfully drawing from Christian and Jewish thought and the development of the theology of resurrection. This is a solid resource on historic views of resurrection. (BookLife)