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James Fox
Retaliation (The Sol Saga Book 2)
James Fox, author
The fight for freedom comes at a heavy price. After learning too late that he was supposed to take the fall for a political assassination and massacre, disgraced ex-general Keith Brennan finds himself given a slim chance at redemption. The puppet-masters are being flushed out of their shadows. Revolutionaries clash against the full might of the UNIC Protectorate all across the planet. If Edward McAaron has his way, the battles won’t stop with just Mars. War has come to the system at a level never before seen in human history. Lines have been drawn in the red sands. Who’s side are you on? Retaliation is the next book in The Sol Saga trilogy, a dark and gritty sci-fi drama with relentless action and subterfuge that will leave you breathless and hungry for more!
Reader's Favorite

I was blown away when I read Revolution and had high expectations before reading Retaliation. I am so glad that author James Fox did not disappoint me! Picking up momentum from a fantastic first novel in the series is very hard, especially when the first novel was so good. The action never dies in the story, and that gave me the reason to read more. I finished this in a single sitting, and I cannot explain how much I loved each second of it. The pace of the story matches Keith’s progress. As Keith gained confidence, the pace increased and allowed readers to feel some of the excitement that Keith was feeling. The dialogues are excellent, and the descriptions transported me. There was never a dull moment in the story, and I cannot wait for the third part of this trilogy.

Reader's Favorite

Retaliation makes effective use of the military science fiction genre to attack political issues, conspiracies, and that peculiar position of power that determines everyone’s fate. Bureaucrats and demagogues who use their power and influence to gain their own ends are largely the enemies, and as they are smoked out from the shadows, the storyline gains momentum. It’s a fast-paced story that does not hinge only on its action and battle scenes but also depends on its sense of paranoia and tactics. This is one of the reasons why this series works so well. Does it offer a formulated happy ending as it proceeds to the next installment? James Fox gives you that feeling of being satisfied with the resolution yet at the same time whets your curiosity enough to look forward to the next book.


The thrilling sequel to the award-winning debut REVOLUTION! This next installment escalates the situation on Mars for Brennan and the newly formed rebellion. Civil war is inevitable, and sides have been chosen. Buckle up for a bone-chilling ride as this action-packed story never holds back!